Let The Reading or re-learning Begin !

Finally ordered and received the 1st book of five from England earlier this week. The challenge now is  – carving out the time to properly devote to digesting the content. I am using digesting on purpose, because on the exam you regurgitate all that you have retained. Most of it never to use again because in the real world of application, what is required at the business level – what management needs from you, has little to do whether you can recall the power structure of the Chief Auditor. And everything to do with using your wits, values and virtues to “do the right thing”. Which might contrast somewhat from management’s version. These is some basis for this in most cases and in others, at first seems to be completely contrary to everything you have been taught.

This is the real challenge, can you devote the enormous amount of time to learn process, procedures and structure, as outlined by the texts you are studying, to realize that you have to re-write that learning once you pass the exam. Seems counter intuitive to any reasonably minded or common sense person. If you can robotically shovel this “knowledge” into your brain long enough to pass. Then data dump, because to hold fast to that knowledge will not completely serve you well.

Psych yourself out to plow through this material each and every day is challenging for someone who already knows what the actual work product requires. Can it be done in contrast to all my experience? This is the hurdle to overcome.

Am thinking I should read it like a novel, some non-fiction and some fiction.

Well wishing all of you luck on your journey and will let you know more as I dive into this material – Part 1. The Internal Audit Environment.


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The Earliest Part of The Journey – Planning & Set-up -Choices

Why do we care – for our own benefit or the greater good to what means to an end ?

What is that we care about? Struggling to get your CPA or CIA or CMIIA because you believe that making a difference in your profession is essential to fulfill some desire. But what is that desire? Sustainable change which is so value-add to your client or workplace.Or is it because having some control over something so dynamic as the operations of a successful business fulfills a need – your need.

So what do we care about? Walk along with me as I go through this arduous process to answer those questions and perhaps discover through this adventure a greater sustainable good.

At this point in time, am working through the parts of the CIA, but am finding that the Chartered Internal Audit route is another path on this journey. I continue my membership in IIA because the insight and access to the knowledge base it offers creates portions of the path that I am on today. The next stage on my journey is to complete the accelerated path that they offer.

Over the next few months, I will document the events as they unfold in hopes to answer questions for others who are considering the same path. Since it seems there is no voice out there to assist others on this original question – What is that we care about to go through all this effort? Time to choose….Image

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